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What You Should Know About Drug Treatment

There are many different misconceptions about drug treatment, mostly fueled by media portrayals. What we see in movies and on reality shows and what we hear in the news about different celebrities that go into treatment programs can form our opinion as to what really happens in a drug rehab center. You may assume that drug treatment is all about cleaning toilets and having people scream in your face—a sort of “tough love” approach. Or you may think that all drug treatment centers are incredibly expensive, high end places that only the super-rich can afford.

The truth is there are a number of different types of treatment programs. Some practice a more tough love approach and some are very luxurious, posh facilities. Most are affordable programs that accept insurance and offer a number of different approaches to recovery.

Many treatment centers practice an individualized approach to treatment, offering a variety of therapies . Some programs make certain groups mandatory while others allow clients to choose which groups they would like to attend. Some offer faith-based options, like Christian groups, while others focus on a more holistic approach.

What Happens During My Stay at a Rehab Facility?

As was mentioned before, all drug treatment centers are different, some more so than others. However, the following is an outline of what you may experience when you go to treatment.

Treatment will generally begin with a medical detox that uses a combination of therapy and medication to help clients make it through the withdrawal process (although there are some facilities that do not utilize medication unless life-threatening symptoms are present and instead clients will detox “cold turkey”). During this time, you may or may not be required to participate in groups and other treatment activities. You will also undergo a thorough assessment. You will be assigned a therapist based on the issues revealed during this assessment. Your time will be spent attending groups, meetings (some treatment centers will take you off the property for outside 12 Step meetings while others will have them onsite), individual sessions with your therapist, psychiatric sessions and planned recreational events.

Recovering Souls is a drug and alcohol treatment placement service. We believe that your specific needs are important and that the rehab facility you go to should be able to provide you with the individualized care that you need. To learn more about what you should know about drug treatment, or to get help finding a treatment center that is right for you, call Recovering Souls today at 1-800-832-5250.

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