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What is the Treatment for Cocaine Addiction?

Cocaine addiction is an increasingly growing issue across the United States. Not only are more people abusing cocaine, but we are seeing people begin to use cocaine at younger ages.
Treatment for cocaine addiction includes:

  • Medical detox

The first step in the treatment of cocaine addiction is a medical detox. Without medical supervision, addicts are more likely to return to using to avoid the physical and mental discomfort of detox.

  • Individualized therapy sessions

Individualized therapy sessions allow clients to work through their personal issues in a safe environment. They can work with their therapist to identify what potentially led to their drug use and identify various triggers that could possibly cause a relapse. You will work one-on-one with your therapist to develop a treatment plan that addresses your specific goals and needs.

  • Group therapy

Isolation and feelings of loneliness are characteristics of addiction. Surrounding yourself with others who are experiencing similar feelings can help you build a sense of hope and realize that you are not alone. Having a strong support network of peers is one of the fundamental aspects of relapse prevention.

  • Dual Diagnosis treatment

Research shows that individuals suffering from psychological or psychiatric disorders such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder or PTSD are more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol. Dual diagnosis treatment treats cocaine addiction alongside co-occurring disorders in order to reduce the risk of relapse. It is common for cocaine users to initially feel depressed after they first stop using. Dual diagnosis treatment can help them deal with that depression until they stabilize.

  • Sober Living

Long-term treatment is the most effective way to treat cocaine addiction. The effects of cocaine use on the brain can last up to months after the individual has stopped using. It is important that during the first 3 to 6 months of sobriety you are surrounded with the support you need to remain focused on your recovery.

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