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Transitional Living for Men and Women

Transitional Living may also be referred to as halfway houses, sober living homes, or recovery houses. The goal of transitional living is to provide a home for those who have completed a substance abuse treatment program and are in recovery but who also still need extra support before living back in the “real world” on their own. Sober living homes provide a safe, structured environment that minimizes stress and helps a recovering addict or alcoholic to get back on their feet as they work to maintain long-term recovery. Halfway houses are meant to transition a person in recovery from the treatment center back into a normal day-to-day living routine so that eventually, he or she can go back to living on their own or with their family and remain sober.

Sadly, most states’ transitional living arrangements are not regulated so not all of them are ideal. Recovering Souls, as a Christian organization, focuses on helping you or your loved one get into a quality sober living home after treatment. We can assist with placement into transitional living where adequate support is provided in the form of clearly stated house rules, regularly scheduled on-site meetings or transportation to meetings, regular supervision, counseling as needed, and random drug testing, among other benefits.

When your loved one transitions into one of the many quality halfway houses available, it gives them the additional time they need to put what they learned during treatment into practice for everyday life. This phase of recovery – in a safe, supportive environment – can sometimes mean the difference between staying sober for good or relapsing. Learning how to live day-to-day life without drugs or without alcohol may seem impossible at first but in a quality sober living home, it becomes a reality. With the tools and techniques learned in rehab, a recovering addict can take a positive turn.

If you need help finding the best halfway houses for your loved one, call us today at 1-800-832-5250 and we will help you right away.

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