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Support Groups

After completing treatment, it is vital to the recovery process that you continue to attend support groups.  Recovery is a life-long process. The work does not stop once you leave treatment. Treatment helps you to establish a strong foundation. It provides a safe environment, giving you the opportunity to stabilize both mentally and physically. During treatment, you will be able to work with licensed therapists to address the underlying issues and psychological disorders that may have contributed to your using and, if left untreated, could threaten your sobriety. You will learn to replace old, destructive behaviors with healthy coping mechanisms, and begin to repair the relationships in your life.


However, it is up to you to continue the work you have begun while in treatment. Every client’s relapse prevention plan should include 12 Step meetings. We strongly believe in the 12 Step model of recovery. Attending 12 Step support groups enables you to form a network of sober supports. You will be able to form relationships with other sober individuals and find a sponsor who will take you through the 12 Steps. With the help and support of other alcoholics and addicts, you will learn to live and enjoy life without the use of alcohol and drugs.


Attending alumni meetings is another way to receive continued support once you have graduated from treatment. They afford clients the opportunity to remain connected to the place where their healing process first began and stay in touch with stay with staff and fellow clients. By attending alumni meetings, you are giving new clients hope that that they too can stay sober.


Family members are also encouraged to attend support groups for the family and friends of alcoholics and addicts such as Al-Anon, Nar Anon, Alateen, Co-Dependents Anonymous, or Adult Children of Alcoholics (A.C.O.A.). Support groups such as these allow families to reach out to other families that have been through similar experiences and work their own 12 Step program. During meetings, family members can share their feelings openly and honestly and know that they are not alone.

At Recovering Souls, we want to see our clients succeed and experience all the gifts that a life of sobriety has to offer. We are a free service that finds help for individuals struggling with alcohol and drug addictions. We work with an extensive network of both Christian and traditional treatment centers and we specialize in finding affordable treatment that is right for our clients. In addition to helping you find 12 Step groups in your area, we can direct you to nearby grief or trauma support groups as well.

You don’t have to do this alone. Contact Recovering Souls and start getting the help you need today.


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