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Relapse Prevention

At Recovering Souls, we want our clients to do more than just get sober—we want them to stay sober and live the life that we believe God intended them to live. Recovery is a lifelong process. It is our intention that you take the tools you learn in treatment and apply them in your life. Our goal is to prepare you to deal with any obstacles you may face once you leave treatment. We want our clients to be able to face all the challenges and adventures that a sober life has to offer— its joys and losses, successes and failures— and do so while maintaining their sobriety. This is why we see relapse prevention as a necessary component of any treatment program.


Clients that we place in treatment centers will learn how to:

  • Identify potential people, places, and things that may act as triggers
  • Utilize sober supports
  • Build a strong spiritual foundation that will carry you in your recovery, especially during difficult times
  • Recognize—and avoid—high risk situations
  • Replace self destructive behaviors and addictive thinking with healthy coping mechanisms
  • Manage stress through different relaxation techniques, such as meditation and yoga
  • Recognize when you are backsliding into your old ways and reach out for help
  • Repair damaged relationships with family and friends
  • Utilize a set of cognitive and behavioral strategies designed to prevent relapse
  • Build a sense of what relapse prevention specialists refer to as “self-efficacy;” or a belief in your ability to accomplish your goals and succeed in your chosen path
  • Identify lifestyle factors that may “set up” a relapse
  • Set and maintain healthy boundaries
  • Communicate your needs and feelings effectively
  • Dismantle the “myth” of alcohol and drugs and be able to honestly and objectively look at the consequences of using and drinking rather than glorifying and romanticizing what happens when you drink and use


We also provide our clients with a variety of aftercare options. In addition to inpatient treatment programs, we place our clients in partial hospitalization programs, intensive outpatient and outpatient treatment programs, and sober living facilities.  Experts in the field of addiction agree that making a commitment to long term treatment greatly increases an addict’s chance of achieving long term sobriety. Partial hospitalization programs are a step-down transition from residential treatment and afford clients the opportunity to prepare for returning home. Intensive outpatient and outpatient programs allow clients to either reside at home or at a sober living facility and attend individual and group therapy sessions while having the option of continuing to work and go to school. Sober living facilities are an excellent way to transition from inpatient treatment back into society. These are places such as halfway houses or recovery houses that offer a balance of structure and freedom, teach accountability, and enable you to surround yourself with a community of sober peers. Recovering Souls works with numerous men’s sober living facilities and women’s sober living facilities, both Christian and non faith based, and can help place you in one that best fits your needs.


We realize that sometimes, despite our best efforts, we find ourselves in high- risk situations. Certain events and people in our lives may trigger us. It is part of life. That is why we place such a strong emphasis on learning relapse prevention skills. We form relationships with our clients and want to see them succeed. We follow their progress through treatment and continue to keep in contact after they leave treatment. If we feel that they are struggling, we can help them get back on track.


If you or someone you love is in need of alcohol and drug treatment, contact Recovering Souls today.



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