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Overcoming Addiction through Christ: Christian Based Drug Rehabs in Florida

My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.

Psalm 121:2 

Addiction is not simply a disease of the body, but a disease of the spirit as well. Many addicts—both in active addiction and in the early stages of recovery—struggle with forming relationships with others. They may have been let down by people in the past or experienced trauma or dysfunction at some point in their life. It is hard for them to truly let down their guard and trust others which can make recovery from drugs and alcohol challenging. The ability to reach out and ask for help is the keystone of sobriety.

Building relationships with others takes work and forming a relationship with God is no different. Except of course for the fact that God, unlike people, is infallible—He will not let us down and He will always be there for us. He will not betray us or mislead us. For many, building their relationship with God enables them to heal their relationships with others and ultimately themselves. This is why overcoming addiction through Christ has shown to be such a successful path for so many. Paired with different addiction specific therapies and medical treatment, faith-based therapies offered by Christian based drug rehabs focus on helping addicts gain the tools they need to find a life- long solution. Through Christ, addicts are transformed by His healing power. Understanding that they have been forgiven by Christ allows recovering individuals to let go of the feelings of shame and guilt that could threaten to lead them back to drinking and using.

Recovering Souls is a team of Christian treatment specialists that can help you find the same healing and hope we have we found in our own recovery. Our goal is find you the most appropriate program for your medical, therapeutic and financial needs. With one call, you can learn about a number of different Christian drug treatment options, making it easier for you to find a drug rehab that is right for you. Having been where you are and knowing what it’s like to try and get sober, we are able to provide our support and guidance to those looking to be freed from the chains of addiction. To learn more about Christian based drug rehabs in Florida, call us 24/7 at 1-800-832-5250.

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