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One-on-One Counseling Sessions by Licensed, Experienced Counselors who Specialize in Substance Abuse

When you are looking for a treatment center, it is important to find a place that can provide you with the individualized focus and attention necessary to properly diagnose and treat any disorders or issues that are commonly associated with addiction.  You want a treatment center that is staffed with a multidisciplinary treatment team of Master’s Degree level therapists and certified addictions counselors who are trained and experienced in treating substance abuse.  One-on-one counseling sessions are a vital part of the recovery process, affording you the opportunity to work directly with therapists who specialize in substance abuse and can help you identify the issues and behaviors that have contributed to your addiction.
The way the disease of addiction manifests itself mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually varies with each individual. Upon entering treatment, you will undergo a thorough evaluation with a licensed therapist. Together, you will discuss your personal and medical history including your history of drug and alcohol use, family of origin, history of abuse or other trauma, and the presence of any co-occurring psychological or psychiatric disorders. You will then work with the treatment team to develop an individualized treatment plan designed to accommodate your needs and goals. You will meet with your therapist on a regular basis to monitor your progress and make any necessary adjustments to your treatment plan. A board certified psychiatrist is on staff to diagnose or provide ongoing treatment for any psychological or psychiatric disorders.
Similar to the way individuals respond differently to the events and situations in their lives, they respond differently to different types of therapy. In order to offer the most comprehensive and client-centered treatment, we believe in utilizing a variety of therapeutic approaches and techniques:
•    Expressive Therapy
•    Narrative Therapy
•    Psychotherapy
•    Trauma Therapy (EMDR)
•    Gestalt Therapy
•    Cognitive- Behavioral Therapy
•    Christian-based Truth Therapy
•    Family Counseling
•    Hypnotherapy
•    Life Coaching
•    Pharmacotherapy
Recovering Souls is not a treatment center, but a free service that helps individuals struggling with drugs and alcohol find the treatment they need. We work with drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs across the country and have familiarized ourselves with the services and facilities at each treatment center. We are able to apply our knowledge and experience towards finding effective and affordable treatment that is right for you.
If you or someone you loved is struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, don’t wait any longer to get help. Contact Recovering Souls and start getting your life back today.

  • Don’t waste any more time living in agony. Recovering Souls Network is a real life solution to problems associated with addiction of any kind. We can help you into detox and addiction treatment programs whether you need alcohol rehab, drug rehab, holistic rehab, or dual diagnosis treatment. We also specialize in substance abuse counseling through Relapse Prevention, Didactic Therapy, EMDR Therapy, Expressive Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Psychodrama Therapy, TIR Therapy, Organized Recreation, and Support Groups.

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