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Holistic Drug and Alcohol Detox

Holistic drug and alcohol detox facilities focus on healing the spirit as well as the body. Often, when we do not feel well physically, our mental and spiritual well-being is affected. And we know that spiritual or mental ailments, such as stress, anger and depression, can manifest themselves physically. The connection between the mind, body and spirit is clear and treatment that recognizes this and treats individuals as such have been shown to be more effective at helping clients achieve recovery.

Detox involves breaking the physical dependency that the individual has on drugs and alcohol. When a substance is used continuously for a sustained period of time, a mental, emotional and physical addiction can develop. Withdrawal symptoms, which can be both mental and physical in nature, occur when an addict abruptly stops using. A medically assisted detox can ease these withdrawal symptoms, increasing the likelihood that the client will see the withdrawal period through to the end.

A holistic drug and alcohol detox will not only treat the physical discomfort of detoxing, but also the emotional and mental withdrawal symptoms. Therapies and activities that utilize an integrative approach to the recovery process provide clients with a comprehensive detox experience that creates a solid foundation upon which clients can build a strong recovery. Gentle exercise (such as yoga and tai chi), acupuncture, massage therapy, nutrition consultations, meditation, guided imagery and Expressive Therapies are all used as part of a holistic approach to drug and alcohol treatment. Addiction is a complex disease that compromises the well-being of every aspect of the individual’s life. It only makes sense that to treat it we must apply a multi-modal approach that is able to address all the different aspects of an individual that have been affected.

Recovering Souls is a detox placement service that helps men and women who are looking to break the dependency that they have on drugs and alcohol. Addiction quite literally traps men and women. Their thoughts are always focused on using and getting more. They start experience nausea and cold sweats if they go without using for too long. Some may feel like they cannot even leave the immediate area of where they live for fear of not being able to get more drugs. This is not living—it’s just maintaining.

We can help. Call Recovering Souls today to learn about the different placement services we provide. You can reach us 24/7 by calling 1-800-832-5250.

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