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Drug Treatment Program

There are many stages to the recovery process, all which begin with admitting that a substance abuse problem exists. The next step is finding drug detox and drug treatment facilities that are appropriate for your needs, whether it is a Christian drug rehab with a faith based drug treatment program or one that takes a holistic approach to recovery – or anything in between. We realize that every individual’s needs are different.

Many find that inpatient drug rehab is their best option for many reasons. Residential drug treatment programs incorporate multiple types of therapy in a structured setting to provide a safe, therapeutic environment in which one can focus entirely on his or her recovery and not worry about the stresses of daily life outside. Inpatient drug treatment starts with detox and once the treatment program is complete, it will then extend to a phase of aftercare and relapse prevention.

The drug treatment facilities that Recovering Souls can refer you to will include a combination of services such as individual counseling and group therapy, help with nutritional needs to aid in the recovery process, education on stress relieving techniques to cope with day to day living, and structured physical activities. Some drug treatment facilities will also incorporate therapies like acupuncture and yoga, while others may offer vocational and social skills training and other educational services. Most treatment centers will also offer 12-step meetings in their programs.

Our main focus is to help Christians who are struggling with addiction. However, no matter what your background or religion is, we will take the time to find the most appropriate drug rehab center based on what is important to you and the type of addiction you are dealing with. If residential drug rehab is not what you are looking for, Recovering Souls can also assist you with other drug treatment options such as outpatient drug treatment and we can provide guidance for those seeking help with Interventions, Detox, and Halfway Houses or transitional living arrangements for men and women as well.

  • Don’t waste any more time living in agony. Recovering Souls Network is a real life solution to problems associated with addiction of any kind. We can help you into detox and addiction treatment programs whether you need alcohol rehab, drug rehab, holistic rehab, or dual diagnosis treatment. We also specialize in substance abuse counseling through Relapse Prevention, Didactic Therapy, EMDR Therapy, Expressive Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Psychodrama Therapy, TIR Therapy, Organized Recreation, and Support Groups.

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