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Substance Detox

What is Drug Detox?

The term detox is used to describe the way an addict’s body gets rid of toxins which build up over time due to drug use. These toxins are responsible for the physical dependence to a particular substance that can make quitting drugs so difficult. The drug detox needs to occur in order to remove the physical addiction to the substance, so it is a vital part of the addiction treatment process that should not be bypassed. Once the body is cleansed from these toxins, the addict is then sober and should be able to more easily deal with the trials of early recovery. Recovering Souls can help your loved one with detox from a variety of substances including prescription painkillers, crack, cocaine, heroin and other opiates, as well as alcohol, crystal meth, and any other stimulants or depressants.

Taking the First Step into Recovery

When it comes to treating drug addiction, detox is just the first step into the recovery process. By itself, drug detox will only cleanse one’s body of the drug in a physical way but it cannot stop the compulsory side of the habit or help you deal with the underlying issues that lead you to start using drugs to begin with. This is why following drug detox with an addiction treatment program is essential and if done right, detox can truly lead to a drug-free lifestyle. On the other hand however, if not done properly with medical supervision and support, drug detox can quickly cause the addict to turn back to drugs due to the discomfort involved.

Recovering Souls will guide you to a supervised drug detox program that is right for you or your loved one. The facilities will provide all that is necessary to get through the process as painlessly as possible. For some, this may entail prescription medications and other stress relieving techniques that can help ease the discomfort of withdrawal symptoms as needed. Once the drug detox is complete, the transition into an addiction treatment program is then seamless.

Detox from Drugs Safely

Drug detox at a treatment center will take place in a comfortable, safe environment which is important because the person needs to feel safe. In the stages of early recovery, support is essential and we recommend you do not try to detox from drugs on your own. This is because more often than not, it doesn’t work and also because withdrawal symptoms can be very intense and uncomfortable. Temptation to go back to using drugs is extremely intense, especially because many addicts experience physical pain during drug detox and it is very difficult to deal with if the proper support and nutrition is not provided.

Recovering Souls works directly within the Christian churches to seek out congregants in need and to act as a gateway into drug detox that will be supervised and controlled by medical professionals and addiction treatment specialists who can ease the pain and make the situation more bearable. Faith based drug treatment programs are available if requested, but no matter what your beliefs are, we will work to make the transition into addiction treatment as smooth as possible to ensure long-term success in your recovery.

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