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Christian Rehab Facilities in Florida

You see that a person is justified by works and not by faith alone.

James 2:24 

Drug and alcohol abuse takes us away from the things we need to focus on. While drinking and using may create momentary enjoyment or escape, it is not true happiness. It is not real, but only a momentary feeling, a false promise when we should be striving for genuine joy and lasting peace.

Many men and women feel trapped when in their active addiction. They do not see a way out. They don’t want to continue life on the path they are on, but they can’t image life sober. The pain and fear they are experiencing is often a result of believing that they must change themselves. They think it is up to them to remove the desire to drink and use when really it is through Christ we are transformed.

The focus of Christian rehab facilities in Florida is to help clients heal from past trauma and the guilt and shame associated with the past. Clients learn how to maintain their sobriety through individual and group therapy sessions. A key aspect of long term sobriety is learning how to develop new skills to deal with overwhelming emotions or challenging situations. For example, while in the past an individual would have dealt with depression or feelings of worthlessness by picking up a drink or a drug, treatment teaches clients how to combat these feelings through Cognitive Behavioral therapy techniques, prayer, expressive therapy and reaching out to others for support. Instead of relapsing, they learn how to be accountable to their therapist and their peers so they rely on a tool they picked up instead. Just like building a relationship with God and strengthening our faith takes work and action on our part, so does maintaining our sobriety.

Recovering Souls is a Christian drug and alcohol rehab placement service. We help those who are looking for help with a substance abuse problem find hope and healing through professional Christian addiction services. We can refer you to a facility that specializes in treating your specific needs, whether you require a full medical detox, inpatient treatment, dual diagnosis services, outpatient treatment or sober living.

To learn more about the free services offered through Recovering Souls or to find a recovery program that fits you treatment and financial needs, call 1-800-832-5250 and speak with one caring team members today.

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