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Christian Drug Treatment in Florida is Different than Your Average Drug Treatment Program

I can do all things through him who strengthens me.
Philippians 4:13

Our addiction left us broken and searching for a sense of serenity and peace. We found that once we stopped using and drinking, the work was just beginning. We had to face reality and the consequences of our addiction. This was not easy. While your average drug treatment program is right for some, others of us needed something different. We tried various drug treatment programs, but we continued to return to drugs and alcohol. It was not until we attended Christian drug treatment in Florida that we found lasting relief for our addiction.

Christian drug rehab centers in Florida offer the same medically researched treatments and methods as your average drug programs. Their facilities include state-of-the-art detox centers and full time onsite medical staff. They employ master’s level therapists and board certified psychiatrists. They utilize the 12 Step approach to help clients learn how to live life without the use of alcohol and drugs.

However, Christian drug treatment centers in Florida are different from your average drug treatment programs in that they incorporate Christian teachings and values and use a Christ centered approach to the 12 Steps. While the average treatment program focuses on the physical, mental and emotional impact that addiction has on individuals, Christian programs stress the importance of a strong spiritual foundation that will sustain you throughout your life. The Lord is our rock, our shelter that protects and comforts us. It is through His love and grace that we are saved. By combining the traditional methods of your average treatment center with a strong emphasis on faith and developing a personal relationship with God, we have found a solution that has helped countless people overcome their addiction and go on to enjoy productive, sober lives.

Recovering Souls is a free service that helps individuals find the help they need. We work with Christian drug treatment facilities throughout Florida and can find one that is right for you. We begin our process by working with you and getting to know your history and background so that we can best determine which Christian drug treatment program in Florida is most appropriate for your needs. We utilize our professional knowledge gained from years of working in the treatment field alongside our personal experience as people in recovery.

Don’t spend another day suffering alone. Recovering Souls can help. Call us today at 1-800-832-5250.

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