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Are there Christian Halfway Houses for Men in Florida?

What good fellowship we once enjoyed 

as we walked together to the house of God

Psalm 55:14

What is a Halfway House?

People will often confuse halfway houses with drug treatment. It is important to understand the difference between the two so that you can understand which would be best for you. Drug treatment or rehab facilities generally offer some type of therapeutic and/or medical care. This may include a medical detox, dual diagnosis treatment by a psychiatric team, EMDR (a type of trauma therapy) and individual and group sessions with Master’s level clinicians. This type of higher level care is strongly recommended for people just beginning the recovery process, especially if you are struggling with underlying issues such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, ADHD or trauma. During the first several weeks of sobriety, the emotional ups and downs and the intense cravings can often lead to relapse. The type of supervision and therapeutic support offered by residential treatment centers in Florida is what many men need to make it through this difficult time.

A halfway house, also known as a sober living residence, transitional living or sober housing, is ideal for someone who is physical stable (fully detoxed) and has received or is continuing to receive some type of drug and alcohol counseling either through an inpatient or outpatient treatment facility.

Christian Sober Living for Men

Christian halfway houses offer a faith based foundation. In addition to promoting a 12 Step centered approach to the recovery process, these sober living homes offer onsite Bible study and transportation to Church services on Sundays. They are staffed with recovering addicts and alcoholics who have found hope and lasting recovery through Christ and the 12 Steps. Being able to share both your faith and goal of recovery helps to foster a strong sense of community at Christian halfway houses in Florida. One man helping another is the very principle that 12 Step recovery programs are founded on.

If you are searching for Christian drug and alcohol treatment or Christian halfway houses, Recovering Souls can help. We are a free service that finds help for those struggling with chemical dependency issues in Florida and across the country.  To learn more what we can do to help you and your family begin the process of healing from the pain of addiction, call Recovering Souls today at 1-800-832-5250.

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